Celebrating Food From Seed To Table

Sometimes it feels like making dinner is just another thing on our never ending to-do list. Sharing a meal together as a family at home is becoming less common as schedules become busier and busier.

There is something special about sharing a meal with friends and family- it brings people together. Hospitality can be as simple as brewing some coffee to share with a friend, or making an elaborate dinner party for a group. This blog is a place where this will be celebrated. I will share some of my favorite recipes, stories of meals shared with the people I love, and even some tips on growing your own food. Join me in my journey of cultivating hospitality.

  • Favorite Kitchen Tools – Stocking Stuffers

    December 9, 2020 by

    Here is a list of some smaller kitchen tools that would make perfect stocking stuffers! Garlic Press– I use mine almost every day. You don’t have to mess with peeling garlic, finely mincing etc. You put a clove in the press and just squeeze! The peel stays behind. Meat Thermometer– I use this all the… Read more

  • Favorite Kitchen Tools- Instant Pot

    November 30, 2020 by

    In the past I have been very selective in the kitchen “gadgets” that I purchase because I have always lacked storage space. I had an Instant Pot in my Amazon cart multiple times but then I would remove it and ask myself, “Am I really going to use that?” If I could just go back… Read more

  • Cultivating Hospitality in a Socially Distant World

    April 28, 2020 by

    Cultivating Hospitality. That is not only the title of my blog, but a mantra I want to live by. I want to cultivate relationships, belonging, togetherness. I want my table to be crowded with food, friends, and meaningful conversation. I have been mourning every day the loss of togetherness in the forms that I am… Read more

  • My Crowded Table

    November 22, 2019 by

    Friendsgiving was wonderful this year. Great food, great friends, great conversation. I went to bed that night with a full belly and a full heart. The next morning we woke up and went to church where I heard a song that brought me to tears because it spoke so closely to my heart, and the… Read more

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